Why do people buy jewelry? Because it’s pretty? Because it’s rare? Because it’s a great value?
These ideas may play a part in the decision to buy jewelry, but, I feel people buy jewelry because it can say something to someone else (or about yourself) that you can’t easily put into words or action.

At JAB, we will find what it is that you are trying to say, and come up with the perfect expression of this emotion.
I’m going to share a story about a very special necklace that I made for a customer with a GLASS centerpiece. The glass is basically worthless, but it is surrounded with over 12 carats of Diamonds, platinum, and 18 karat gold. You will have to listen to find out why this piece of glass is so important, and why it inspired someone to spend MANY thousands of dollars to make a necklace from a piece of broken glass.
Michael S. Kelley
Sales Manager – Accredited Jewelry Professional (GIA) – DCA Diamond and Gemstone Certified
JAB Jewelry Designs
Peters Township Referrals Group Speaker – February 10, 2017
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