I have been a member of PTR since the Spring of 2013. I originally joined the group to find some people to network with and to locate advocates for my business.

What I didn’t expect were the close personal relationships I developed with the other members and the education I receive each Friday learning from the other members. The benefits to me have been both measurable and immeasurable. I have received referrals that have added to the bottom line of my practice, but as importantly, I have been able to take ideas from the other members and applied them to my daily activities that no doubt have made me better at what I do.

There are other options out there, but I think none matches the solid, good faith interaction you will experience at PTR.

Ed Chess

Financial Advisor, Partners Financial Group

I joined PTR about 4 years ago in February 2011. I joined because I was able to generate over $10,000 worth of business from a PTR Visitors Event BEFORE I was even a member.

PTR has been a great way to build my business while surrounding myself with people that are great friends as well as referral sources. That you can have a very effective referral organization without all the formality as well as cost, and that networking can be fun, educational, and profitable. I have become closer to the people in PTR. I would say we are a group of close friends that work to build each other’s business.

Mike Kelley

Jeweler, JAB Jewelry

Being the “old timer” of the group, I have benefited from this group tremendously over the last 15 years.

PTR helped me create new relationships throughout the business community when I first became a banker at Brentwood Bank. Being a relationship banker is all about relationships and earning someone’s trust.

95% of my business has come from referrals from others who trust me, which PTR has helped establish that referral business “from scratch”.

Joe Verduci

Banker, Brentwood Bank

I joined PTR in 2004 in conjunction with starting my sign business. I didn’t have many connections in those days, business or personal, because I had just returned to the area after 20 years. I had no advertising budget to speak of, I didn’t know much at all about business.

My first referral returned my membership fee to times over! Business seemed to snowball after that! To this day my best customer is a Moving and Storage company referred to me by a group member.

The PTR group is still directly, or indirectly after 11 years, responsible for a good portion of my business. I also have learned lots about business, improved my public speaking abilities, and met some really great people who have helped my loads, both personally and professionally!

Diane Page

Owner, Page Sign

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