Skin Care/Color Cosmetics​

Mary Pat Fick

Mary Pat Fick

Mary Kay Cosmetics - Independent Beauty Consultant

Phone: 724–344–9859
Email: [email protected]

As an Advanced Color Consultant, Mary Pat looks forward to working with you to provide personalized skincare and color consultations in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. She is happy to come to you or invite you to her home or studio for a custom consultation. Celebrating her 13th year with Mary Kay, Mary Pat prides herself on excellent customer service, immediate delivery, and working to exceed your expectations! Why not let Mary Pat help you to achieve the healthiest skin you have ever had or find the perfect every day or glamour look for your next event?

Mary Pat is pleased to offer:

– 2016 Globally awarded “International Top 5” skin care products with many patents and Good Housekeeping Seal awards
– 5 Skin Care lines – there is one to meet everyone’s need!
– Custom skin care consultations and seasonal updates to address your skin’s changing needs
– One to one consultations or with friends
– Custom color consultations with on-trend mineral based products proudly made in the USA!
– Full store of products for same day delivery
– Gift Giving services with custom packaging
– Free delivery, always!

“How old you are is your business; how old you look is mine!”


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