At Pillar To Post – Southwestern Pennsylvania we are pleased to provide our local customers be they; real estate professionals, home buyers and home sellers,  with a full complement of home inspection services that brings to the buying or selling of a home unmatched quality, precision, integrity, and professionalism.

Buying a home is one of the more stressful life events one may go through and many consider the home inspection the moment when the emotion of buying and selling a home meets the reality of the issues of that home.   We very much consider ourselves more ‘home educators’ than in-the-box inspectors  consistently communicating effectively, knowledgeably, efficiently, and openly about the condition of a home understanding to the fullest our customers trust us to inform and educate them about what we see and what we find.   At Pillar To Post – Southwestern Pennsylvania, we hold this trust in the highest regard.

For real estate professionals, our work is a commitment to the understanding that their reputation is our responsibility and that a relationship with us reinforces the confidence their clients have in them.

For the home buyer, our work is a detailed education in the condition of the potential new home to which an emotional tie is already being formed.

For the home seller our work is to honor the home they have lived in, and to honestly report on its condition as they move on to their own new home.

For all of our customers, we consider the home a place of the heart, as it houses the people that are loved and the memories of lifetimes. 

Jim Zamiska, ACI

Owner – Pillar To Post – Southwestern Pennsylvania

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