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PTR Speaker 10-5-18 is Michael Kelley from JAB Jewelry

PTR Speaker 10-5-18 is Michael Kelley from JAB Jewelry

At JAB, one of our specialties is turning things that you don’t like or don’t wear into something that you love to wear.

We started with an outdated and worn-out Marquise Bridal set, and turned it into a stunning Diamond Bangle Bracelet that gets worn all the time and receives constant compliments.

Bring us your old, outdated or recently inherited jewelry and see how we can make something you would love that you just can’t buy in any store.

We also are experts at repairs and appraisals, and feature a large selection of jewelry at all price points that you can purchase out of our cases.

Come in to JAB and see how it is Made in McMurray!

History of Pennsylvania’s Emissions Inspection Program

History of Pennsylvania’s Emissions Inspection Program

This week at our very own PTR meeting at Eat N Park, McMurray. I your very own mechanic, Wayne Thompson, the master blaster who fixes cars faster, will be discussing a brief History of Pennsylvania’s Emissions inspection program, why we have to have it, how it affects you depending on what vehicle you own and where you live. What does that nasty litle check engine light mean? Also, Pennsylvania requires vehicle safety inspections to ensure that vehicles are maintained for safe operation. How do you know if your safe? Do you want to be safe? How much does it cost to be safe? How do I know what this mechanic, whom I think is speaking in tongues, because I don’t have any idea what a left lower engine torque mount is, will actually make me safe? This and any other automotive questions.

See you Friday 7:30 AM.

This Week’s Speaker-Mary Pat Fick – Mary Kay Cosmetics

This Week’s Speaker-Mary Pat Fick – Mary Kay Cosmetics

Christmas and Mary Kay are in the air!

I look forward to sharing easy to give and sure to please Mary Kay holiday gifts for men, women and teens. Be prepared to see packaged and ready to give gifts, stocking stuffers and even a Lump of Coal (Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask bundle) for that special someone!

My sleigh will be packed and items will available for on the spot delivery!

If you are looking for a custom glamour look or highly rated skin care to get your skin in the best possible shape before the new year, you will be in the right place.

Catch phrase: No stress gift giving!

This week’s speaker: Mary Pat Fick – Mary Kay Cosmetics

Friday, December 1, 2017