Credit Card Processing (Merchant Services)

Ian Gonzalez

Ian Gonzalez


Phone: 724-579-2607

I meet with merchants every day who tell me they are afraid to even discuss credit card processing because they either don’t understand the charges or technology or they have been burned by another processor.

I pride myself in forming a relationship with my merchants. I take the time to understand their business and goals. I educate my merchants on their options and then put together a solution that meets their needs.

If you accept credit, debit, and prepaid cards, YOU HAVE RIGHTS.

The Merchant Bill Of Rights!

Right #1 -The right to know the fee for every card transaction – and who’s charging it

Right #2 -The right to know the markup of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express fee increases

Right #3 -The right to know all Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network and American Express fee reductions

Right #4 -The right to know all transaction middlemen

Right #5 -The right to know all surcharges and bill-backs

Right #6 -The right to real-time dedicated service

Right #7 -The right to encrypted card numbers and secure transactions

Right #8 -The right to real-time fraud and transaction monitoring

Right #9 -The right to reasonable equipment costs

Right #10 -The right to live customer support 24/7/365

I provide the personal service that you need and deserve, I answer my phone and call back, and Our Customer Service is happy to help 24/7/365 with a real human answering the phone.

I put my clients in the best possible position, keep them there, and support them long after the deal is closed.

▶︎ : I have a specific approach that determines what my clients need, then present the BEST offer the first time while implementing a solution that fits their unique business requirements.

▶︎ : Happy Clients, Long-Term Relationships (92% retention rate as compared to the Industry Average of 60%) and people that are willing to refer me.

Full service banking. Consumer and/or Business, Deposits and/or Loans.

Joe is a seasoned Relationship Banker with over 22 years of experience in the financial industry. His approach to banking is unique and differs from many relationship bankers. He takes time to fully understand the needs and budget goals of his customers so that he can offer customized solutions that are a financial fit today and in years to come.

“Most bankers look at their customers as transactions. I look at my customers as partners who have business needs as well as personal needs. I spend quality time with each client upfront that gives me information I need to recommend the right solutions. At Brentwood Bank we are unique in the sense that we offer a variety of products that big banks offer but with the feel of a community bank. That’s why people like to do business with us.”

In the years that he has worked at Brentwood Bank, Joe has enjoyed working with clients in a variety of ways. This would include but not limited to:

  • Assisting in purchasing or refinancing a mortgage with the LOWEST MORTGAGE RATES in years.
  • Helping to consolidate a client’s bills or needing funds for a home improvement with a home equity loan.
  • Supporting businesses in finding ways to save money in their finances (business line of credit, commercial mortgages as well as how they utilize their deposit accounts).
  • Oversees the Bank’s Online Services (Desktop Teller, Business Online Banking, EFT/ACH Origination and Merchant Processing).
  • AND if that wasn’t enough…he would even help a community organization finance a FIRE TRUCK or manage their deposits.
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